Creating a Resume with Personal Branding

You Are Unique

Developing your personal brand is the cornerstone for understanding yourself and your unique value proposition and describing/selling yourself to potential employers. In a marketplace where employers may receive hundreds of qualified resumes for a given position, it is the successful execution and articulation of your brand that differentiates you from the other applicants.

We facilitate a structured process to develop your personal brand, which also serves as your summary statement for your resume, your elevator speech and your online presence – a consistent integrated message. Working one on one with a certified consultant, our goal is to create a resume and brand strategy that markets you, the unique individual, with a repertoire of experiences and ambitions that only you can bring to the table.

How Career Synergies Can Help

Traditional resume writing companies often work within an impersonal template where they take your information and produce a bland resume. While you leave with a professional looking resume, this “hands off” approach provides no guidance in your resume construction, which can often lead to the omission of important information.

At Career Synergies, we begin with you. We help you develop an unique personal brand, which will be the foundation for your resume.  For a free consultation, contact Kathy at 770-552-3085 x225 or email your resume to