Resume Writing

At Career Synergies, we understand the importance of first impressions. Your resume is your professional introduction. It must provide a compelling snapshot of your background that makes the reader want to know more. Our resume writers work with you to create a resume that best represents your career and professional experience. Through the process you will gain valuable insight and tools to use in your job search/interviewing efforts. Effective messaging and value differentiators have been key to the success of our clients.

Our Unique Process

Our service begins with an initial meeting, either face-to-face, via phone conversations or Skype to understand your career history and strengths.  Based on this meeting, we guide you in the development of a clear, concise summary statement, which becomes the foundation for the rest of your resume and creates your personal brand. Using key marketing and resume writing techniques, we then develop the best way to convey your experiences through your resume.

For a free resume writing consultation, contact Kathy at 770-552-3085 or email your resume to