Resume Writing

We don’t just write world class executive resumes!

It’s all in the messaging and you have about 10 seconds at most to get your message across to your audience! Our unique resume construction process that has been fine tuned and proven through years of experience provides more than just a resume. As a result of our interactive process: you willl learn more about yourself and where to focus your job search efforts, have a compelling branding/elevator pitch, understand your unique selling propostion/differientators, and be more prepared for behavioral based interviewing.

Our service begins with an initial meeting, either face-to-face, via phone or Skype.  We start with a series of questions around: who is your audience, what do they need to now about you and in what order? Next we develop your “elevator pitch” which is how you begin to think of yourself and the cornerstone of your resume. Then come your core competencies, differientators and strenghts followed by your career history. And the final step is a coaching discussion on how to pull it all together for behavioral/experience based networking and interviewing.

Our servcies focus on Director’s through “C Suite” executives, including resumes for internal promotional opportunities and executives seeking Board positions.

For a free resume writing consultation, contact Kathy at 770-552-3085 or email your resume to